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How to Pick the Right Horse for YOU

Written by Loryn Lamport, our Equestrian Manager.

So, you have decided that you want to buy your own horse! This is a very exciting time for you, whether you’re looking for a backyard companion or a top competitor for shows like HITS. You may be searching for a particular breed like a Warmblood or Quarter Horse, or maybe you are looking for a horse with a specific coat color such as black or grey.

As you search for the perfect horse, the horses’ gender will come into play. If the horse is male, he is called a gelding or stallion. If the horse is female, she is called a filly (or a mare if she’s more than 4 years old). In general, geldings are known for being even-tempered, stallions are usually good breeders, and mares are known for their “let me do it my way” attitude.

Disposition is the Most Important Quality

I believe that the disposition of the horse, no matter any of the previously mentioned conditions, is VERY important. If your personal experience with horses or riding is limited, then you will not want to get a young horse that has not been trained or handled, as this is a process best left to seasoned professionals. If this is the case with you, an older, seasoned horse would be a much safer pick.

For young horses, one year is about equal to 3.5 human years. So, a 10 yr. old horse is equivalent to a 35 year old human. Horses can live into their 30’s, but typically a horse in their 20’s is considered a senior.


The size of horses varies as well, so you will want to choose a horse that can carry you without worrying about causing injury to the horse’s back when you ride. In addition, it is always a good idea to have a veterinarian check over the horse if you do decide on one to purchase. They can inform you of any issues medically that the horse may have, as well as give you a close idea of the horse’s age.

Find that Special Bond

Having a special bond with a horse is a wonderful feeling that you both can enjoy for years or even decades together!