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Loryn Lamport, Equestrian Manager – “I Probably Said Horsey Before I Said Mommy”

We are expanding our blog to hear about all of the fantastic amenities that Golden Ocala has to offer. We would like to introduce you to our hard working staff members who help make it all possible. Meet Loryn Lamport, Equestrian Manager at Golden Ocala.

My Passion for Horses Runs Deep

My passion for horses is so deep that it’s something I feel like I was born with. I like to tell people that I probably said “horsey” before I said “mommy” because that’s how deep my passion runs. It began at a very young age because I grew up in a neighborhood in Lexington, Massachusetts where people had horses in their backyards. The neighborhood kids would come and take me for pony rides all the time!

I have been in the equine industry for over 25 years and employed with Golden Ocala for almost 5 years, after moving here from Virginia. This has always been what I love to do. I believe that if you do what you love, you’re always going to be successful because you wake up every morning excited to start the day.

From Work to Play – It’s Horses All Day

Golden Ocala is a beautiful place to be every day, which is one of my favorite things about working here. I work outside with the horses most of the day and I’m proud to say that I work in such a gorgeous environment. From feeding and mucking, to talking with the vets and our members, I do it all.

On my days off, I play polo. I have four horses at home, so my day consists of horses from dawn to dusk, I love it! I have an 11 year old son named Jackson who is also an animal lover. Some interests we enjoy together are going to the beach, movies, grabbing food at Panera, and visiting with friends and family. I’ve never been overseas, but I’d like to someday visit Paris, London, Ireland, and Spain.

Did You Know?

Many people don’t know that every horse has a unique personality. Every day, I use horse psychiatry at the barn. Some horses have to come in first or go out last, or they get excited. Some are more aggressive, some are sweeter, some are smokier, and some are quieter. They are like people – they have their own souls and their own identities.

What We Offer for Horse Owners

From November until May (peak season), we have about 20 horses in our barn, and in the summer we have about 10. Our members who have privately-owned horses can bring in any trainer in any discipline. We have some members who compete at the different local equestrian shows such as HITS (Horses in the Sun), which is a jumping competition held in Ocala.

For members who enjoy taking their horses out for rides, there is undeveloped land near the barn including a lake and some nice open areas where you can ride. You really get to experience nature out there. You’ll see bald eagles and there was even an alligator in the pond for a while! There is also an area we call “Runaway Bride” because it reminds us of the scene in that movie when Julia Roberts is in her wedding dress running away on her horse. Just for fun, here’s that opening scene:

If you would like to learn more about the equestrian amenities we offer here at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, feel free to stop by or visit our Equestrian page!

I’m Loryn Lamport, Equestrian Manager at Golden Ocala, ensuring our members’ horses are well taken care of all year round.