24 September 14  |  Golf   |  

Playing Out of a Sand Divot

Written by Mike Cooney, Director of Golf.

Hitting the green means taking on all kinds of challenges to get that great shot. But, what happens when your ball hits a sand divot? It’s most golfers nightmare and all golfers encounter it at some point whether they’re a beginner or professional. Below are my best tips to help ease your mind and improve your game when playing out of a sand divot.


Playing out of a sand divot.

The Club

  • Select one more club than you normally need for the yardage. This will help you swing easier and keep your balance better.

The Stance

  • Play the ball back slightly more than normal in your stance. This will help you contact the ball first – a critical part in playing the shot.
  • Stand a little taller at address so you can pick the ball up off the sand, just as you would in a fairway bunker.
  • Like in a fairway bunker, try to keep your lower body quiet with this shot and swing mostly with your arms. This will help ensure a solid hit, which is crucial from this type of lie.

The Swing

  • Your back swing should be a little steeper than normal, which will also help you contact the ball first, then the sand.
  • Some players often try to beat down on the ball or scoop it from a sand divot.  Instead, think of extending the divot as you swing through the ball. This will ensure solid contact. Keep in mind, the ball usually comes out straight.

Hopefully the tips above help you when you have to play out of a sand divot. Remember, don’t get too frustrated. Even the best golfers struggle with this shot. For more golfing tips and tricks visit our blog!