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Mike Cooney, Director of Golf – “Creating a Friendly Atmosphere”

We are expanding our blog to hear about all of the fantastic amenities that Golden Ocala has to offer. To begin, we would like to introduce you to our hard working staff members who help make it all possible. Meet Mike Cooney, Director of Golf at Golden Ocala.

My Golf Knowledge Comes Straight From the PGA

Mike Cooney, Director of Golf, Golden OcalaI was born and raised in Connecticut, but spent my college years at Georgia Southern University. My knowledge of golf comes straight from the PGA! I played competitively from 1984 to 1992, traveling all over the world for various tour events. I live in the Ocala area with my wife Barbara Anne, and my step sons Brian and Neil.

My father was instrumental at getting me started in golf. I started at age four and I’ve been playing for more than 25 years. Someday, I would love to play a game of golf in Scotland, where the game originated in the 15th century. If I could play golf with anyone, I would play with my father. I’m also a big Jack Nicklaus fan, so I would really enjoy playing golf with him, as well as my brothers.

Every Day is Your Superbowl

I aim to provide an exceptional golf experience for our members and guests.

Outside of golf, some of my interests include motorcycles (I own a Harley Davidson) and fishing. However, golf is my main interest. I really enjoy playing the game and getting others to enjoy the game. I like to think of every moment as precious and enjoy the present. There is no time to lose – every day is your Superbowl.

Here at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, I aim to provide an exceptional golf experience for our members and guests. I like to create an environment where people feel welcome when they come to the golf course here. I want people to enjoy their game – after all, the game is hard enough as it is.

We have a great staff here who are always a pleasure to work with. We’ve also got some members who always make us laugh!

Learn from a Golf Professional

For someone looking to get involved in the game, I think it’s critical to spend time with a golf professional. Get someone who knows the game and get them to work with you on the basic fundamentals: the grip, the stance, the posture, the backswing, and the downswing.

Source: Flickr by Yuki Shimazu

Most people don’t realize that for golfers it’s important to stay flexible so that you have a swing that’s fluid and free-flowing. Shoulder and hip flexibility are both very important. Also, it’s important to get the proper length and weighted clubs so that you can get off to a good start and not play with clubs that are too long or too short, too heavy or too light.

Here at Golden Ocala, our Assistant Pros are really great at club fittings. We can get you started off right with the correct clubs and the proper golf swing. Come enjoy a game of golf with us!

I’m Mike Cooney, Director of Golf at Golden Ocala, creating a friendly atmosphere and helping people enjoy their golf game.