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How to Best Use the Golf Clubs in Your Bag

Written by Mike Cooney, Director of Golf.

Most of you already know that the maximum number of golf clubs we are allowed to carry in our golf bag is fourteen. Sometimes, improving your golf game can be as simple as refreshing your knowledge of how to best use each club to get the distance you want. To learn which clubs I personally carry in my bag, along with the yardages for how far I hit each club, check out the infographic below.

Golf Clubs

Pick the perfect club for every shot
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If I am playing a tight golf course, I will put in my 3 iron depending on the width of the fairways or the length of the par 5 holes. In such cases, I will take out my gap wedge or lob wedge depending on the difficulty around the greens.

If you are playing a golf course such as TPC at Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, Florida, it will be wise of you to keep your lob wedge in the bag for the short pitch shots and bunker shots around the greens.

The Key to Getting the Right Distance

The bottom line is, it is imperative for you to have a general idea of how far you normally hit with each one of your clubs. Also, keep in mind that different brands of golf clubs may vary in loft compared to mine listed above. Some club manufacturers may set their clubs a little stronger or weaker.

Keep Improving Your Game!

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