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Why Measure Body Fat?

Written by Barbara Whatley, Spa & Fitness Director.

Measuring Body Fat Is Important for Determining Fitness

Many people look at their weight as an overall indicator of their health, but it’s important to keep in mind that weight alone can’t tell the whole story. Weight doesn’t distinguish between pounds that come from body fat and those that come from lean body mass or muscle. Carrying too much fat is a condition called obesity, and puts a person at risk for many serious medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes and even certain forms of cancer. In fact, obesity contributes to at least half the chronic diseases in western society.

Not All Pounds Are the Same

Overweight means an excess of total body weight based on population averages for heights and body frame sizes. Athletes and very muscular people may be overweight, but that does not mean they are over-fat. Again, obesity means an excess of body fat regardless of weight.

Members – Come Get Your Body Fat Analysis!

So, how do you know if your weight is a healthy weight? It’s hard to truly understand what that number means when you step on the scale at home. Don’t worry, here at Golden Ocala, we’ve got an easy solution for you.

Carlos is offering a 30 minute Body Fat Analysis during the Family Fall Festival on October 27th from 11:00am-3:00pm. At a special price of $15.00 (regularly $25), your analysis will include a complete readout of your current body mass and body fat percentage. You will then have a personal one on one consult with Carlos.

Check out this video for a demonstration of Carlos performing a Body Fat Analysis for one of our members:

Also included in your Body Fat Analysis, Carlos will make recommendations on how you can improve your overall well-beginning, as well as give you a follow-up offer in 30 days at this special price. We recommend you call the spa to reserve your time because space is limited!

Ask us about the Quick Start Program! This program will allow you to lose 10-15 healthy pounds in 30 days. This program cost is $175.00 or $5.83 per day.