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How Do You Stay Motivated to Stick With Your Exercise Routine?

“The Long and Winding Road” isn’t just a classic Beatles song. It describes the challenges of maintaining an active lifestyle and the discipline required for an effective exercise routine.

Statistics – and gym membership rates – demonstrate that the enthusiasm to get fit surges at the beginning of an exercise program but tends to wane as the sense of drudgery settles in, exchanging good intentions for the old sedentary lifestyle.

Those exercise enthusiasts dedicated to developing their fitness routines into lifetime habits need to find ways to add some motivators into the mix to propel them through the low tides.

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club have some advice and present some invigorating ways to keep the shine on your fitness zeal.

How Do You Stay Motivated to Stick With Your Exercise Routine?

WebMD offers 12 tips to keep you going:

  1. It’s all about you: Your motivation has to come from within. It’s called “internal motivation.” If you exercise to look good, you probably won’t stick with it.
  2. Take it easy, Bubba: Take small steps at first. It’s the movement that matters. Start taking small fitness “bites” in the beginning. Running a marathon a week into an exercise program isn’t what anybody would call wise.
  3. Make it sticky: No one said it’s going to be smooth sailing. You know the saying: “If at first you don’t succeed …” Over time your form will improve and you’ll get stronger. So don’t sweat the small steps.
  4. Get mixed up: Variety is the spice of exercising. Do different workouts or different types of exercises on different days. Maybe do weight machines one day and free weights another day.
  5. No drill sergeants allowed: This is restating tip two. More than half of all fitness buffs eventually give it up because they are unable to maintain the intensity of the routines. Don’t go knocking yourself out with Mr. America routines.
  6. Be a buddy: Bring a friend. Sometimes the best motivator can be that exercise pal. Studies also reveal that you exercise longer with a friend.
  7. What time is it? Think in numbers. Experts say you need at least 150 minutes a week of aerobic exercise and weightlifting at least twice a week. Don’t be afraid to break up your allotted time into smaller segments – 10 minutes, 15 minutes – or even consider buying some weights for at home.
  8. Brush those teeth, lift those dumbbells: Make exercise as much a habit as your other daily tasks; you wouldn’t neglect brushing your teeth because you didn’t have the time, would you?
  9. Get over it: So you missed a workout or you ate three bowls of Cookies and Cream ice cream and a bag of Jalapeno potato chips. Big deal. Fugetaboutit. Just get back on track and get moving again.
  10. Shooting the moon: It’s all about exercise goals and making steady progress. Lose 50 pounds in two weeks? Not a chubby chance. Increase your workload slow and easy. Remember, this is about making the long haul.
  11. On the record: Get an exercise or fitness journal and keep track of your routines and progress. Or you can use an app to monitor your efforts. Record the time or calories burned during your running, walking or bicycling. Write down your weight lifting exercises: the sets, the repetitions, the weight.
  12. Hip hip hooray: While results may sometimes take weeks to appear, make sure you celebrate those milestones, but not with ice cream and cake. Go out with friends, buy new clothes. Have some fun.

How Do You Stay Motivated to Stick With Your Exercise Routine?

The trainers at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club can help you with your program to keep you motivated and engaged. Signing up for a series of workouts will help you develop a disciplined pattern of fitness habits for a lifetime.

Stop by the Fitness Center today and get started on the new you!


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