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Measure Your Body Mass Index at a Fitness Center in Ocala

A mysterious contraption rests somewhere in most of our homes, mischievously waiting on us. For many of us, our relationship with this ominous mechanism is troubling, sometimes eliciting in us hate, other times fear or disgust, occasionally downright depression and, in the good times, joy and even dancing in the streets.

Yet, propelled by vanity and our own personal irony, we never dispose of it. We love it and we hate it. It is our scale, and it tells us how much we weigh. And once – after so many moments of torturous waiting – it informs us of our bodily poundage, we mark our calendars to head to the nearest fitness center in Ocala.

The scale is our sad bathroom companion, a necessary evil (kind of like kelp and kale) in our trek toward lean, mean robustness. But health experts say the illustrious scale may not be the best indicator of good trim health.

Health Experts Say Scales Don’t Accurately Gauge Muscle-Fat Balance

A better way of determining our fitness levels is by using body-fat-index formulas – the BMI (body mass index). After all, health agencies and organizations over the years have released varying weight charts that may list us as merely overweight in one or morbidly obese in another. The problem with many of these charts is that unless you’re the size of Barney Fife, you’re going to be listed at least as overweight. According to U.S. standards, The Rock is listed as obese and Vin Diesel is overweight.

Measuring waist size with measuring tape.

So, if you’re confused, it’s OK. If you’re frustrated, it might be time to head to Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club’s Fitness Center to discuss ways of measuring your BMI, which gives you a better reading of your true health.

While very thorough BMI tests can be very involving, simpler versions incorporate height, weight, neck and hip measurements to get a more accurate reading of your level of body-fat composition. Other methods, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, utilize from methods involving skin-fold measurements, bioelectric impedance, densitometry (underwater weighing) and dual energy x-ray absorptiometry.

The scale may declare The Rock obese and deputy Fife in tip-top shape. But the simple BMI test is the safest bet for gauging your fitness level. However, don’t fear that ever lurking scale. And ignore the myth that muscles weigh more than fat. One pound of fat always equals one pound of muscle. Just as one pound of feathers always equals one pound of gold. The difference lay in the density. Muscle takes up less space. And that’s why BMI will give it to you straight.

The trainers at our Fitness Center in Ocala can help you devise a workout to help you evict the fat and welcome the muscle. Stop by the Fitness Center  today and learn how we can help you get in top shape!

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