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Golden Ocala Trainers Will Help You With Pyramid Training

By Jeffrey T Spaeth LMT, CPT

Pyramid training is a form of exercise involving ascending or descending repetitions with little rest in between sets. Benefits include toning and strengthening as well as building muscle and losing weight, depending on how many repetitions are performed or how much weight is used.

Pyramid training can be performed using machines, dumbbells or just your body weight. The workouts can be short or long in duration depending on your fitness level. You can work out with a trainer, a partner or yourself.

To start a pyramid training program you chose two exercises that work different muscle groups: for example, a push-up and a sit up. Repetitions should be between 10 and 15 or more depending on fitness level and goals, and at least four sets. Perform one push up and then a sit-up for 10 reps; second set, nine reps; third set, eight reps; fourth set, seven reps . Then reverse the order: seven reps, eight reps, nine reps and 10 reps.

Pyramid Training Exhausts Muscles

You can see how this workout can exhaust your muscles in a short period of time. The technique is very important; poor technique can result in poor muscle definition or injury.

Pyramid training is a great tool when you have exhausted other forms of workouts. Changing things up in the gym will be beneficial for your mind and body and keep your workouts consistent. Stop by the gym today and set up a training session with me. Let’s explore new and exciting workouts for a new you!

People participating in Pyramid Training

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club understand the importance of employing the latest training methods to improve your workouts. Stop by the Fitness Center, or call us at 352-402-4350, and get started today!

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