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Get a Happy, Healthy Start This Summer


It’s summertime again. The heat is on, the blockbuster movies are out and it’s time to hit the beach. But if you look in the mirror with your new swimsuit on and don’t like what you see, it might be time for you to slim down and tone up.

Get a Happy, Healthy Start This Summer


Along with a good workout regimen, the first place you’ll need to start is your diet. According to Muscle and Fitness magazine, you’ll need to take in more lean protein, and focus on slow-burning carbs and eat every two to three hours to keep your metabolism moving. Preparing your own meals and snacks instead of going to a restaurant will also make a big difference. Try to prepare at least 90 percent of meals and snacks yourself. Batch-cooking can save you time in the kitchen and during your busy workweek.

Try eating meals that have plenty of volume but are low in calories. Water-rich foods like vegetables and fruits are ideal. Also whole grains, legumes, lean meats and unsweetened low fat dairy are high in nutrition and less calorie-dense. For a simple health swap, try replacing flour tortillas with lettuce leaves for wraps and tacos.

Get a Happy, Healthy Start This Summer

Never skip breakfast! Studies show skipping breakfast leads to overeating later in the day. A two-to-one carbohydrate to protein ratio is the key to weight loss. Stay away from too much sugar, and consume lots of fiber. Studies show that most Americans consume only half of the recommended daily fiber intake, which is 38 grams for men and 25 grams for women. Drink plenty of water, too—about half your body weight in liquid ounces each day.

Let’s get this summer off to a happy, healthy start! Stop by the gym today to begin an exercise program tailored to your specific goals and physical abilities. Give us a call or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.


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