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Get Fit With NFL Football Player Exercises

By Jeffrey T Spaeth CPT, LMT

Football season has finally arrived. Old and young alike will be watching or participating in high school, college or just a pickup football game during halftime. Professional football players train all year long, but for the weekend warrior staying fit and flexible are especially important. Consider the following football player exercises that are sure to help keep you in shape.

The Dash

Let’s examine four football player exercises used by the NFL to promote speed, agility and strength, according to Bodybuilding.com, starting with the 40-yard dash. Sprinting increases strength and quickness and is a great cardiovascular workout. Try it with your friends and see who’s the quickest. (Always consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program). Try to beat the NFL record set by Chris Johnson, a Pro Bowler with the Tennessee Titans at 4.24 seconds!

Hitting the Cones

The next exercise is called the “3 cone” drill. Set up three cones in an “L” formation five yards apart. Run five yards to the first cone then turn back running around the second cone before weaving around the third cone at the top of the “L.” Then run back and finish at the second cone. The record is 6.42 seconds set in 2011 by Jeff Maehl, wide receiver for the Houston Texans.

Go Ahead And Jump

The third exercise is the Standing Vertical Jump. (Do not attempt this exercise if you experience any type of knee problems.) From a standing position jump up on a box designed especially for this purpose. The record is 45 inches set in 2009 by Donald Washington, strong safety for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Man and trainer working out.

A Bench Trial

Finally, the 225-pound bench press. NFL teams use this weight as an “easy” gauge for strength testing. The average NFL lineman should perform 30-39 repetitions, tight ends and linebackers 25-30, running backs 20-25 and defensive backs and receivers 15-20.

So the next time a game comes on, you’ll appreciate the hard work and perseverance that goes into becoming an NFL professional. Let’s all keep healthy and become our own All-Pro!  Visit your Golden Ocala Fitness Center today!

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