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FIRE and ICE Exercise Routine

Written by Linda Doyle, Personal Trainer.

Exercise can be a double-edge sword. The right type and amount of exercise is the all-important catalyst for rapid results. On the other hand, too much or the wrong type of exercise ceases the metabolism, which can make your fitness goals impossible to reach.

A highly effective exercise program for fantastic improvements in health, performance and body shape should only take 3% of your week. The key to creating that sort of efficiency is to rapidly construct a very refined level of structure – an environment that creates accountability and sustained motivation. That is what you will find with the FIRE & ICE Exercise Routine.

FIRE: Focused Intense Resistance Exercise

At the Golden Ocala Fitness Center, FIRE is a 1-2-1 training session. The goal is to change your body composition by adding lean muscle, which is the true fountain of youth!

ICE: Intense Cardiovascular Exercise

ICE, a 30 minute fitness routine, takes place in a group setting. The goal of this workout is to push for personal intensity.


FIRE & ICE Workout

Our club offers fitness classes to help members reach their personal health and fitness goals. For more information on these classes contact me, Linda Doyle at the Golden Ocala Fitness Center.