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Everything You Need to Know About New Year’s Resolutions

Every 365 days we as Homo sapiens exercise our volitions to change the trajectory of our lives – if ever so slightly. Our desire for change stems from dissatisfaction: We want to lose weight; go to the gym; be kinder, gentler; eat healthier; start a business; get more sleep; get out of debt; even learn a new language.

While statistics generally show most people fail at upholding their resolutions within several months (as spring awakens), we still strive to make the changes. In that light, we at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club offer some very helpful New Year resolution ideas and some quick tips to stick to them.

2017 goals new year resolution ideas

More Muscle, Better Food, No More Waiting

  • The No. 1 resolution, according to Lifehack, is getting in shape. It takes other forms, such as the desire to “exercise more” or “get in shape.” But more than a third of the American population puts this at the top of its list. Gym owners know this and generally see a surge in memberships during the first two weeks of the New Year, only to see attendance drop off by the time February arrives. The trick: Find an exercise program that works for you. And the best place for that is our Fitness Center with state-of-the-art exercise equipment and top trainers.
  • 2 runs along the flip side of No. 1: Start eating healthy and eventually lose weight. But in the culture of convenience and quick and easy, that noble goal can get challenging. But by implementing some basic tips and maintaining an upbeat, patient and determined attitude, you can accomplish this objective. The first step is to corral emotional and binge eating. (Eat when you should, not when you’re sad.) Watch out for the trap of diet failures, which can steal your confidence. In the meantime, check out some of our fantastic healthy menus at Raspberry’s, Knicker’s or Café on the Green restaurants.
  • 3 is to stop procrastinating. But we’ll tell you about that one later. Just kidding. Use the 2-minute rule. If it takes less than two minutes, do it now. If it takes more than two minutes, do it now – but in two minutes, at least. The best way to overcome procrastination is by doing snippets of the task you want to put off. Exercise for two minutes. Write for two minutes. Learn a language in two minutes. It generates a habit, and habits start in your head.
  • 4 is also all in your head. You want to improve your concentration and your cognitive abilities. Boosting your brain power has been at the forefront of cerebral aficionados for millennia. The Web and apps provide so many tools to improve your thinking. Resolute resolvers can even use ancient practices like prayer and meditation. Remember: puzzles, problem-solving games and so many other mind challengers can make you intellectually sharper and better able to control your moods.
  • We’d like to talk to you personally about No. 5: Meeting new people. In this high-tech age of pervasive social media, connecting and interacting with live human beings may require a little effort and setting aside the gadgetry. It might mean getting off the couch and attending events or joining clubs. The more you interact, the easier it becomes. And at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club’s many social and recreational events, it’s as easy as pie.


We hope all your resolutions come true. We have all the great services and amenities to help make 2017 into your biggest yet – Fitness Center, tennis facilities, world-class golf course and equestrian center. Take a look at our calendar to learn about events at Golden Ocala. Keep up with all of the latest news from Golden Ocala by following us on Facebook and Twitter.