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Things to Do for Mom on Her Special Day – Mother’s Day

Some moms want to just see the happy faces of their children on Mother’s Day while others want to spend the day relaxing and being pampered. Did you know that Mother’s Day, always the second Sunday in May, became a national holiday in 1914?

And yes, a number of moms are excited to receive an assortment of flowers and a bling gift or two. So what special thing can you do for the mom in your life?

The list is endless; however a few suggestions might help you shower a mom with a little extra love.

Lie back and let the tension dissapear...

  1. Plan to give her a day off. Moms spend a lot of time taking care of others, so make the day all about her! No cooking or other chores. She gets to do whatever she wants, which may be absolutely nothing!
  2. Treat her to a day of pampering. Most moms would love a day at the spa! A new haircut or color, a pedicure, massage or manicure. Make her feel like a million bucks! It will surely be a needed time out from her busy days and she’ll be appreciative.  And this is a great time to find great packages to spoil mom all the more! The spa at Golden Ocala is offering a great package to moms and their kids or even a spouse.
  3. Take mom out to eat! Since it’s her day off, mom would love it if someone else cooked for the day! Members are invited to join us at Knickers for the Mother’s Day Brunch. Reservations can be made by calling 352-629-6229. The event will include a delicious menu to enjoy; and will feature violinist Jacob Lawson and cellist Nellie Eshlemand.


4. Put a smile on mom’s face. A handmade gift or card from her children is sure to have sentimental value for moms. We’re hosting a free kid’s craft event on May 9th to help our youngest members make mom smile. Sign up by calling 352-629-6229.GO-FINAL Kids' Mother's Day Craft Event Version 1.4-01
5. Shopping for mom! You may want to shop for that something special for mom, but she’ll enjoy a gift of shopping too! We have several options here at Golden Ocala. She can pick up new gear in the golf or tennis pro shop, find new cosmetics at the spa or hair products at the salon.

So there are options to help make mom feel special on Mother’s Day. She deserves it and you’ll be happy you put in the extra effort too. It’s her day to be a queen! There may be some other things the mom in your life is interested in at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, so follow our blog or connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.


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