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Vintage Hairstyles are making a Comeback!

Written by Melodie Garcia, Hairdresser at Golden Ocala.

There are certain classic hairstyles that withstand the test of time. The look of a beautiful hairstyle from decades ago can be just as eye catching today as it was then. Vintage hairstyles, more specifically 40s hairdos, are making a comeback because they remind us of a time of elegance and femininity. It’s becoming truly fashionable to choose a retro updo to wear at your next event. Here are a few suggestions of vintage looks to make you feel both glamorous and elegant.

Vintage Hair Bun

478254299If you are fascinated with vintage fashion, you will definitely enjoy the retro bun. This hairdo is probably the best solution for those who want to hide their bangs. In addition, this vintage hairstyle will help you to create a complete retro look because it goes perfectly with a poodle skirt and classic vintage makeup.

Old Hollywood Waves


Looking to let your hair down? Check out these old Hollywood waves. They are perfect for a wedding or special event, and will leave you feeling classy and strong. Several celebrities have revamped this look and you can put your own modern twist on this retro hairstyle to spice up your special day.

The Milk Maid Braid


If you want a more serene look for your special occasion, try the Milk Maid Braid. This updo adds a peaceful and elegant touch to your look by having a singular braid frame your face. You can keep the braid loose to look more modern and messy, or tighten the braid for a more sophisticated appearance. Either way, you’re sure to turn heads at any event with this updo.

The Beehive


This hairdo is probably the most well-known updo of the 1940s. Powerful woman everywhere have rocked this look and for a good reason. This style has a statement – you will feel powerful and in charge during your event while looking like a high fashion model. Adding a little volume to your big day will make all eyes turn to you.

As weddings and special events come our way, there are more requests for turning back the clock of time to achieve the modernized retro vintage look. At Golden Ocala, not only will we host your special day, we’ll help you achieve the perfect look with a modern twist on a classic 40s hairstyle. Members, call (352) 402-4350 to schedule an appointment at our salon!