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Spas Offer Many Levels of Relaxation and Services

Written By Barbara Whatley

A great spa experience for some may differ depending on whether it’s a resort spa or a day spa. While both types of spas are important, the “total experience” is what makes a lasting impression. The services and other amenities will vary so it’s a good idea to know what to expect before you arrive.

Day Spa vs. Resort Spa

Spas located at resorts or hotels are a good choice and offer guests a wider array of healthy, relaxing and pampering options. For example, when arriving at a resort or hotel just steps away from the spa is a nice convenience. Resort and hotel spas will most always offer dining, a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, fitness center, and other amenities including golf and tennis.


Spas provide a wide range of manicure services.

Spa Services

If you are not looking for sleeping accommodations, some resort spas offer a day pass for guests to enjoy. Most spas, including day spas offer other packages to give guests a “total experience” such as massages, facials, body treatments, nails and salon services.

Facials have come a long way in recent years and now offers applications that feel good to the client, are relaxing and develops results at the same time.

The Hydra-Facial is one of my favorites. I get all the benefits of being pampered at the spa and there are noticeable results after the treatment. Yes, it’s a treatment.

Massage therapy is also another treatment that provides several benefits. So when booking a massage, make sure to schedule the right massage for your needs. If you want to experience a detailed manicure or pedicure, then a spa manicure or pedicure may be just for you.

Here at the Golden Ocala Spa, we offer Gehwol, a natural-based hand and foot care line used in our manicure and pedicure services that provides health benefits and maintains well-being for natural nail care. Gehwol is the German translation “walk well”.  The company, founded almost 130 years ago, continues to develop the highest quality products used by nail care professionals.

Girl with hairstyle and makeup

Other Amenities

To complete your spa experience and round out a full day of relaxing, we suggest adding a stop at the hair salon for a shampoo and blow dry. And if your evening will include a formal event, inquire about having a formal hairstyle and evening make-up application.

So while day spas or those at resorts offer relaxation with an assortment of amenities, they each provide a complete experience. In the past, for example, golfers would have selected a hotel based on the golf amenities. Now guests often select a hotel based on the spa and services. And children, many age 12 and under, are a growing market for spas as they travel with their parents and can have services like a mother/daughter pedicure.

The spa at Golden Ocala offers a wealth of services to help guests relax and enhance their well-being. Check out our wellness blog for other tips and to learn about what’s new at the spa.


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