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In The Eyes of A Skincare Professional

Our bodies are wrapped in a surrounding layer of epidermis which helps keep our body protected, hydrated and thermally regulated. One important factor that we should strongly consider is “how do we protect our skin?” Individuals throughout history have experimented with materials and best practices to protect, moisturize and maintain proper skin conditioning.

Very creative ways of tending to our epidermis have evolved and have led individuals down a unique road of alternative skin care. The skincare industry has seen a lot of changes over the years that have been influenced by medical technology and consumer demand. Douglas Preston, a well respected professional within the skincare industry, describes some of the change he encountered during his professional career.

A Little Preston Esthetics Nostalgia From 1982

  • Collagen was yet to be introduced as a moisturizer component.
  • Erno Laslo was advocating 100-daily hot water rinses for any skin type.
  • Mineral oil was about to become one of the first naughty skincare ingredients.
  • Day Spas didn’t exist yet – and there is still controversy as to who created the first one.
  • Clients didn’t require confirmation calls to remember their appointment commitments.
  • We ran our businesses without computers, cell phones, Internet, social media or automated anything except a mechanical answering machine.
  • We still used typesetters for creating advertising and salon menu layouts.
  • It was just as much fun to be an esthetician then as it is today.

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