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Holiday Hair at Golden Ocala

Written by Melodie Garcia, Hairdresser at Golden Ocala.

The holiday season is here and this time brings us family gatherings, office parties and holiday events. We surround ourselves with loved ones for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years, which are all right around the corner.  We want to make sure we look our best for the holiday season because we visit with people we don’t regularly see. Don’t forget lots of photos are taken during the holidays too. I have put together some great holiday hair trends that will make you look fabulous for any occasion.

Hair Color

First, we will talk about hair color. Let’s face it, there nothing flattering about grey hairs popping through your color. My number one task is to make sure your color appointments are timed perfectly for all your holiday events.  Remember, we have less light in these winter months so our hair color should reflect this change in the season.  For example, in the winter season you will not receive as much sun exposure so you won’t want to put as many highlights in your hair because your skin tone will be lighter. My other tip would be think of the outfits you want to wear and decide if your hair would look better up or down.


Browns and reds are very popular during the fall and winter seasons.

The Pony Tail

The Pony Tail is a classic look. You can give it as much height on your head as you like. This is a sleek look you see many celebrities wear on the red carpet. You can even add curls the ends of your hair to dress it up more.


A pony tail is both sleek and easy for the holidays.


Braids are a popular look at the moment. You can incorporate a braid or two into any up do to give it a creative twist. You can also pull two sides back into braids while wearing your hair down.  Whatever the look you’re trying to achieve, braids are very popular this holiday season.


There are multiple ways to incorporate braids into your holiday hair.


This look is not easy to achieve but it’s a beautiful and elegant look.  You can sear this classic style up or down. Just add a touch of finger waves or a victory roll to any hair design and you can achieve a vintage look.


For an elegant and classic look choose a vintage hairstyle.

Here at Golden Ocala, we take the time to plan your hair regimen perfectly so in every occasion your hair needs will be met with style and elegance. For more hair care tips and beauty trends visit our salon blog.