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Hairstylist Leah Ortiz’s Trends and Techniques

Leah Ortiz is the newest hairstylist at the Golden Ocala Salon — here as a master of her craft and with trends and techniques from both coasts of the U.S. An ideal fit for our community, Leah grew up on an Arabian horse ranch and ultimately owned two hair salons. Specializing in lash extensions and hair styling for 12 years and counting, she is currently licensed in two states and continues her education regularly to “work her magic” for members like you.

Fresh Ideas and Personalized Styles

Having lived in California for many years, Leah is up on new trends and techniques that are just making it to the east coast, giving her the ability to offer fresh ideas to her Golden Ocala clients. These include “hand painting” in balayage — highlighting hair to create a natural effect — and ombre — the gradual blending of one color hue to another. Leah creates color that depends on how the client parts the hair, the hairstyle and how many colors he or she desires.

Leah also does a few exclusive and original services, such as the split-end cut, diamond cut and YUKO Hair Straightening. The split-end cut is something she has never seen anyone else do and a style that often sends her back to California to meet with 13 hours’ worth of clients. Meanwhile, she created the diamond cut, which incorporates a diamond pattern onto the crown of the head via a razor that creates a lift. Leah further uses YUKO Hair Straightening for sleek smooth hair, regardless of hair texture or climate.

Most of the hair tools you’ll find at Leah’s station include a paddle, mesh sheets, ping mixer for color, light ring for before and after photos, and Collins infrared hair dryer — products that many stylists do not seem to have.

Hair Education
To keep up with the latest techniques and styles, Leah often attends classes offered by product line distributors that serve as a source of inspiration, as well as get the creative juices flowing. Not only does she receive alerts about these classes, but she acquires further hair knowledge via social media — following renowned stylists via Instagram, watching YouTube videos, and subscribing to channels on up-dos, color and cut tutorials. She even has a following of her own.

This education, complemented by customized formulas, provides Leah with a knack for steering people in a direction that would best suit their hair, shape of their face and their best lifestyle. Her philosophy? A client should be able to repeat what she has done and then come back to her, overjoyed with how their hair has grown out.

Member-Based Hair Styling

At Golden Ocala, Leah finds that members give her the privilege of demonstrating her best skills, especially as she builds steady relationships with each of them.

“I also feel right at home in an equine community. I cannot wait to experience World Equestrian Center Ocala in the future where I hope to further expand my network and become a positive force in more members’ lives,” she said.


Leah Ortiz “works her magic” every day and can certainly do so for you. To add your name to her schedule, call the Golden Ocala Salon at (352) 629-6229.