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Golden Ocala Spa & Salon Now Offers Fibreluxe™ Lashes

Sometimes it’s just the look, that sultry gaze that turns heads. The eyes of the woman tell the real story: Beauty, confidence, passion, sophistication.

The delicate look, the sly twinkle in her eyes, the mystery: That’s the look. We at the Salon & Spa of Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club are now offering Fibreluxe™ Lashes, the hottest mascara on the cosmetics market.

Offering natural, thicker, longer lashes, Fibreluxe™ Lashes gives you that look! And it’s easy to apply in less than 60 seconds.

Golden Ocala Spa & Salon Now Offers Fibreluxe™ Lashes

With Fibreluxe™ Daily Lash Extensions, you don’t have to fuss and fiddle with glue. This is the hot, healthy and luxurious alternative to false lashes – and without the time commitment and upkeep. , Fibreluxe™ Lashes lasts all day.

Fibreluxe™ Lashes is applied like regular mascara and gives you that smashing look of false lashes in three easy steps (which can be done at your home). The Natural Lash Extension Mascara dramatically lengthens and thickens your lashes with each set of steps. And the lashes are light as a feather. No more drooping. No clumping of lashes – no matter how many applications. Only you will know you have, Fibrelux™ Lashes when you look in the mirror.

Fibreluxe™ Lashes is meant to be worn daily and are tear proof, smudge proof and long lasting. No more worries.

Golden Ocala Spa & Salon Now Offers Fibreluxe™ Lashes

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