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5 Easy Hairstyles for Summer Fun

Written By Melodie Garcia, Hair Stylist

Ladies, having an easy hair-do when we are short on time seems to be the most convenient. The hot days of summer are a perfect time because it keeps you cool and it’s less work.

So let me suggest some simple and quick ways to manage your hair.

For the ladies, always have hair accessories such as headbands, clips, and rubber bands. It’s a must! When we have some tools to help with hair control, hair is the least of our worries. There are combs with all sorts of bling to dress up your hair as well.

A messy bun hairstyle can be worn anytime.

A messy bun hairstyle can be worn anytime.

Messy Buns

It seems to be super easy to do. Whether you are in high school or going out for the evening, with some practice you can soon master this easy look.


Ponytails are an easy and versatile style.

Ponytails are an easy and versatile style.

Dress it up a fun ponytail by teasing your hair on top. You can wear it in a variety of different ways even sleek it to the side.

 Braided Styles


There are also many different braid styles to try! You can showcase a different style on a different day depending on your mood.

Fishtail – easy for long hair and looks elaborate but is simple to do.

French – a classic and basic style.

Cornrow – a more elaborate braid style, often requires more time to complete.

These easy hair styles will serve most ladies well during the busy and hot summer months while staying fashionable. And if you don’t want to try one of these techniques at home, give us a call in the salon at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club and let one of our talented stylists help. We offer other great hair care tips in our blog and also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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