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Why Choose a Destination Wedding?

Written by Julianne Cuomo, our Director of Celebrations.

Define: Destination Wedding

When you think of a destination wedding, do you immediately picture some exotic location like perhaps an island in the Caribbean or a charming town on the coast of Italy?
A destination wedding doesn’t have to be halfway around the world in a far-off location. Even if you’re not the type of people to kick off your shoes and get married on a beach with marimba music in the background, you can still have a destination wedding. A destination wedding is defined as marrying at least 100 miles from where the bride currently lives. So, imagine the options this definition opens up for you!

Choose Somewhere Meaningful to You

If you’re looking into having a destination wedding, think about choosing your favorite vacation spot or a place that is meaningful to you as a couple. There are hundreds of country inns, mountainside cabins, lakefront hotels, and gorgeous country clubs that can be an idyllic setting for your wedding. At Golden Ocala, you can rent our villas for the week and let your friends and family enjoy a vacation on our beautiful property!

Photo courtesy of DJAMEL Photography

It’s Like Your Own Reunion!

During a typical wedding, you have a day (maybe a day and a half) to meet and greet your friends and family as you go from one activity to the next – you’ll be attending your bridal luncheon, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, photo shoot, reception, and more. With a destination wedding, the time constraints can be a little more relaxed because you’ve got more than just one day. You can spend more quality time with your friends and family in the days leading up to your wedding.

How often do you have your close friends and family all in one place at the same time? This is your chance to spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest. And, they can enjoy themselves as well by making a family vacation of their own out of it. They can kick back, relax, and celebrate – what’s more fun than that?