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What’s Your Wedding Style?

Weddings are no longer just the traditional church services of the past. Each couple must determine the wedding style most suitable for them before selecting their wedding venue. Some of the most popular wedding styles are listed below:


A traditional wedding is still the most popular wedding style chosen by most brides and grooms. Traditional weddings are beautiful, permanent and lasting. Although everyone knows what a traditional wedding entails, numerous decisions must still be made, including sending invitations, getting bridesmaids’ dresses, arranging transportation and organizing the reception.


A modern wedding may include a number of wedding styles, but one of the most popular is the bohemian, which has a rustic or whimsical feel to it. Modern weddings are similar to traditional weddings with a simple twist such as a mixed bridal party with both men and women or unique bouquets made with fabric or buttons instead of flowers.
Wedding style


An intimate wedding can be equally as special as a large extravagant affair. Since your guests are your closest family and friends, the wedding becomes more meaningful.


Glamorous weddings will never go out of style. A black tie affair with monochromatic décor exudes glamour. A bold and glamorous venue is a must-have for this style.


A themed wedding can be a lot of fun, especially in the fall or winter. If you are planning a Halloween wedding, incorporate shades of purple and black in your décor; a winter wedding can use traditional holiday colors of the season or use metallic colors for a more elegant event.

Cultural or Destination

Cultural and destination weddings have recently become very popular. While some couples plan weddings in a castle in Scotland or on a beach in the Caribbean, most couples choose a favorite holiday destination for their wedding. It may be where they first met or became engaged.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the type of wedding style make sure you reserve the appropriate venue and obtain support from the staff to help you orchestrate all the details before, during and after the event. Renting a location accounts for half of your wedding budget so choosing one like Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club in Ocala, Florida is a fantastic return on your investment. You can host your bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception all onsite and out-of-town guests can take advantage of the wonderful villas.

Not only is it a beautiful site located in the rolling hills of Central Florida, but it offers an array of one-stop expert wedding services to assist you in planning flowers, designing and ordering menus, arranging music and much more. Contact the Director of Celebrations, Julianne Cuomo at 352-402-4376 or Julianne.cuomo@goldenocala.com, for help designing your perfect wedding.

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