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Five Tips for Bringing Down your Stress Level While Planning your Wedding

Feet in a bath at a spa

This is also a great way to relax while planning your wedding.

Let’s be honest – planning a wedding is stressful. We know how much work it is, starting almost immediately after your engagement and leading right up to your wedding day. All the planning and details are overwhelming and it can be a challenge to get everything accomplished by the deadline. Remember though that this should be a fun part of the journey you are taking together. Our experts have some advice for you to lower the stress of your wedding planning.

Golden Ocala’s Wedding Tips:

Tip #1: Secure and use vendors you can trust. You have to establish a professional but personal relationship with the people you depend on to give you the perfect day! Be prepared with questions, make sure they know your HOT buttons, give detailed explanations as to what are your expectations, have all their information with you (phone, address, cell #, email) and be sure your catering vendor has it as well. Your stress level will be much lower once you have a sense of trust from each vendor assuring you of having your best interests as they go forward. Ask Questions!

Tip #2: Get by with the help of your friends. If you feel overwhelmed, reach out to your Maid of Honor or your mom for help. Even better, reach out to your vendors or event coordinator. You will find them to be helpful and eager to assist with detailing and answering questions. Your mom and Maid of Honor are probably stressed too.

Tip #3: Take care of yourself. Starting well before your wedding day, make yourself comfortable. Pick beautiful but comfortable things to wear, including the shoes! Prepare your beauty regime up to 2 weeks before and pamper yourself a bit. Have a facial, or a massage… or both! Eat right, stay hydrated with water and don’t overindulge.

Tip #4: This is YOUR wedding. Your wedding is about you. Not someone on television, and not Martha Stewart (unless your budget allows). Your wedding does not have to be a platinum affair to be beautiful and to reflect your personality. If you have budget constraints, try splurging on one very important item only. Remember, don’t lose sight of the real reason for the day; the celebration of your shared love!

Tip #5: Be grateful. In planning for your wedding you will find great joy! You have had your family and friends help you in getting to this point; be appreciative of their help and remember to thank them!

Our wedding experts can help take the stress out of planning for your wedding. Best of all, we love what we do and we’ll help you turn all of the details into just what you were hoping for. Ana Soler and her experienced staff will help you in our beautiful Ocala venue through every step of the way, allowing you to take some time to unwind and enjoy some time together. You can visit our Facebook page and share with us some of the ways you released stress while you were planning your wedding.