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Creating a Seating Chart for Your Wedding and Reception

Creating a wedding seating chart can be stressful and time-consuming. Most people have family members who may not like each another or friends who are not on the best terms with each other. You have to wait until all the RSVPs arrive before you can begin the seating chart. The following tips will help to reduce the stress.

Tips for Creating A Wedding Seating Chart

  • Decide where you will sit. Do you want an intimate sweetheart table or the traditional head table? If you want your guests to have easy access to you and the groom throughout the evening, consider placing your head table in the center of your seating plan. The head table should include both the brides’ and the grooms’ parents as well as the wedding party. Traditionally, flower girls and ring bearers sit with their parents or other children at the reception, and not at the head table.
  • Don’t over think the seating chart. As long as each guest has at least one other person they can talk to at their table they will enjoy the festivities. As the event progresses guests will mingle rather than remain seated at their table.
  • Decide if you want an assigned table, assigned seats or both? If you are serving a plated meal with multiple optional courses, you should have both table cards and seating cards. Otherwise, numbered table cards will work just fine and guests can choose where to sit.
  • If you invite a guest who will not know anyone at the wedding, allow them a “plus one” so they don’t feel uncomfortable.
  • Enlist the help of your family, especially for guests your parents have invited.
  • Blend the groups at your tables. Sit people together who you think have common interests. Most people enjoy meeting new and interesting people. Just ensure everyone has at least one familiar person at their table to get the conversation started.

Do What is Comfortable

Table at wedding reception

Weddings come in all sizes, styles and themes and this goes for wedding receptions. Do what you think is comfortable when planning your seating arrangements. If everyone gets along, plan a buffet style reception. If one or both sets of parents are divorced, have a sweetheart table or a head table with only the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The options for creating a wedding seating chart are limitless.

Enlist Help

The experienced staff at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club will help design your complete wedding experience and can provide guidance on table arrangements and the number of guests you should accommodate at each table.

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