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The New Look of Landscape

Flowers in BloomIs your landscape in need of a new look? Well, expert help is on the way! Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club’s horticulture department is revitalizing all common grounds, including sports facilities and residential properties, as well as the boulevard, sales office, salon, spa and equestrian center. While changing the appearance and ambiance of 2,000 acres will take some time, we guarantee it will be worth the wait.

Bob Hollis and his team have been hard at work since mid-February, collaborating with the nearby Roberts Quarters’ horticulturist to increase the number of annuals and perennials on Golden Ocala property. Today, you will find 32,000 annuals onsite, 7,000 of which overlook the member wedding venue.

Other landscape projects include nutrient applications for the shrub beds, during which crew members apply fertilizer and micronutrients along with a pre-emergent chemical to control weeds. The nutrients are dispersed in a way that combines two applications into one. Additionally, the crew is overhauling the irrigation system to use water more efficiently, as well as designing an ecofriendly footprint for added planting, refreshed material and year-long appeal. The crew is also spraying to regulate seasonal insects and fungus growth, as well as to create an appealing look with less maintenance.  Many of these tasks tie in with a plan for better turf throughout the property.Trimming Trees

As the new team begins to expand its role, Mr. Hollis will be looking to grow his labor force from 13 to 25 within the year to accommodate the new World Equestrian Center, making this not only a time for flowers to blossom and plants to sprout, but for us to set the tone for the future of Ocala landscaping.

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