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Stay In Shape With Off Court Tennis Exercises

Playing tennis at Golden Ocala is a fantastic way to stay in shape and meet up with friends. The tennis court is a great place to go and burn off some steam from a busy week, but mixing up your routine with off court tennis exercises such as weightlifting and cardio can be equally as rewarding.

Off Court Tennis Exercises

The tennis court is not the only place that training happens. In order to be the best at the sport, you have to keep your body in top shape. So, where the court ends, the fitness center begins. This is where you can keep your body in the training mode. This gives you the chance to focus on specific skills for optimal performance in your game.

Below are some off court tennis exercises for you to try.

Core Exercises

Strengthening your core is the single most important thing you can do to get in shape no matter which sport you play. Using your own body as resistance through pushups and sit-ups helps to strengthen your core and make you a better athlete. Challenge yourself with different styles of pushups. You will quickly see the results of your hard work on the tennis court.


A successful tennis player keeps up a steady weightlifting regimen to keep in shape off the court. Whether it is a dumbbell row or working with a variety of weights, lifting weights is a good way to strengthen the muscles that you use on the court and to develop the muscles you don’t use.

The equipment you need is already provided at the fitness center. A personal trainer can help you develop a weightlifting program specifically for you.

Leg Exercises

Your legs may be the most important element of keeping your game at its finest. Leg exercises strengthen the muscles in your legs, as well as strengthen your core.
This can be helpful with enduring long training sessions or games on the tennis court. Lunges or different types of squats help to strengthen your leg muscles and keep you balanced, so you can dominate on the court.

Group Stretching


This may not seem as intense or effective as the other off court tennis exercises. Even so, stretching is extremely important for flexibility and preventing injuries. Beginning and ending our off court exercise session with a stretching routine will benefit both you and your game.

Wrap Up

Tennis is a prime sport for keeping your body active, but remember that the court is not the only place to optimize your capabilities. Whether you play tennis competitively or socially, off court exercises are important for staying in shape and remaining injury free.

When you play tennis at Golden Ocala, you have access to a world-class Fitness Center, outfitted with all the equipment, the instructors and personal trainers you need to stay in shape on and off the court. Stop by the fitness center today and learn how we can help you to stay in shape!

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