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Popular Tennis Fashion and Sportswear

When enjoying the state-of-the-art tennis facilities offered at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, the only tough decision a will have to make all day is what outfit to wear while playing a few matches of tennis. We have made even that decision easy, with this overview of some top tennis fashion for men and women.

Tennis is one of the few athletic endeavors that allow a person to show off their sense of fashion. Unlike so many other sports, tennis fashion allows you to wear clothes that are both comfortable and practical, but that also look good.

For Women

You can’t beat the classic pleated tennis skirt for form and function. It looks fabulous on anybody, on or off the court. Wear it in the traditional white or mix it up with some bright colors. Or a cute jersey dress is also a comfortable and stylish choice.

Ankle socks are your best bet (they were invented for tennis, after all, and everything looks great with some basic, white tennis sneakers).

Keep your hair up in a sleek ponytail or braid. Not only will you look cute and sporty, but you’ll keep wisps out of your eyes so that you can focus on the ball.

Female tennis player sitting by a tree.

Wear a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes. It is more feminine looking than a hot hat and yet still functional.

No need to take off your jewelry! Plenty of professional tennis players wear stud earrings and small necklaces onto the court. Just avoid anything chunky or anything that you might lose while swinging your racket.

For Men


Although it is called a Polo Shirt, these iconic short-sleeve shirts are tennis essentials. Popularized by brands such as Lacoste and Fred Perry, the shirts look great on anybody and are always in style. Bright, patterned styles are in vogue right now. Go for those made out of moisture-wicking material to keep you looking fresh and cool.

Stick to classic, cotton shorts in clean, minimal and sharp colors. These you can wear on the Golden Ocala tennis courts or out to brunch, and you’ll look great either way.

Feel free to move away from the classic white socks and white sneakers and mix up the color of your footwear. Neon colors are very popular right now, and you can find great tennis shoes in every color of the rainbow.

Keep fresh and clean by sporting headbands and wristbands. They may not be the height of top tennis fashions, but sweat is never in style!

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