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Junior Tennis Camp Moving Along Very Well

The Junior Tennis Academy Summer Camp is progressing nicely as we prepare to start Week 4 on July 6th. The summer camp was established 8 years ago and now averages more than 60 participants during the overall 10-week program.

Junior Tennis

Thiroshan Chetty, Director of Tennis at Golden Ocala, said the students so far have learned a lot and that will continue as the program progresses over the next seven weeks. And it’s not too late to join in the fun. The summer camp is open to both Golden Ocala members and non-members.

The Junior Tennis Academy includes:

  • Pee Wee Tennis – Ages 3-6
  • 10 & Under Progressions – Ages 6-10
  • Advanced Junior Training – Ages 11-18

Campers spend the mornings on the tennis court in drills and by late mornings are paired in sets for training and playing sets. “The other coaches and I are constantly reminding the players to make sure your our feet are moving, hit it [the tennis ball] overhead, or don’t swing the racket.”

“We’re proud to see how hard they work because it makes the program better and they represent us well on their high school or middle school teams,” Chetty said. “When they play, everyone wants to know where they train.”

In addition to Chetty, Roy Miller and Corey Forrest are coaches during the camp, Krista Ingrilli has been added to the staff for the summer. She’s familiar with the courts having played junior tennis at Golden Ocala and training with Chetty.

Thiroshan Chetty

Ingrilli notes that one of her strengths is a forehand shot and she also enjoys playing doubles.

Ingrilli, a recent graduate of Flager College in St. Augustine, spent four years on her collegiate tennis team. She said it was tough being a student athlete while pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Psychology.

As for giving the junior players advice, Ingrilli said, “I’ve told the kids in the program to listen to Thiroshan and work hard.”

She’s having fun working with the Pee-Wee campers who are all 3 to 6 years old.

“They capture what the game is all about…to have fun,” she said.

As the coaches rotate with all the campers, Ingrilli said she’s observed a lot of really good kids on the courts, “that means there will be more good players coming out of Ocala.”

Chetty is hopeful to see more students interested in the game this summer. He encourages parents to contact the Golden Ocala Tennis Pro Shop at 352-402-4351 to learn more about the program and register.

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