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Regroup, Recharge, Refocus: Improve Your Tennis Game

Little known tips can make life easier and sports activities more fun.

Here’s one for tennis: Players are given 20 seconds to prepare for their next volley. Understanding that rule makes the sport more enjoyable and the game more fun. Helping to improve your tennis game.

Tennis professionals say many players get caught in the flurry of a game and move too quickly from point to point. This constant movement tends to exaggerate the game and give it a feeling of being out of control. Keeping the 20-second rule in mind gives players a time to adjust and refocus.

Players could make the game more relaxing and competitive by employing the three “R”s in preparing for the next point. The three “R”s are: Regroup, Recharge and Refocus.

Let’s start with Regroup. Following the scoring of a point, emotions may be running high. You could be feeling happy, sad, frustrated or even overeager to start a new volley. This mindset can lead to some frustration and mistakes.

Getting stuck in this frame of mind can lead to a pattern of bad points. An easy habit is to take five seconds after a point to regroup. Play over in your mind what you did right or wrong.

Next stop is Recharge. Take about 10 seconds to catch your breath and slow your heart rate. Do that by simply breathing. This step helps to provide an excellent moment for mind-and-body recharging.

The last step is Refocus. Briefly review your game strategy and assess your opponent’s condition. This helps create a kind of tennis road map to victory on the court.

Improve your tennis game with the 3 R's

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