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5 Mental Tennis Tips for Success On the Court

At Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, tennis is a popular way of exercising, socializing and competing. It requires certain keenly developed physical attributes including endurance, strength and quick reflexes. But the game has another side – the one that’s played between your ears.

Success with tennis involves developing a type of attitude and a unique way of thinking. Top tennis players often speak of the mental toughness required to excel in the sport. These mental tennis tips will help you achieve the results you want on the court.

Maintaining Focus

Don’t get caught up in the drama of a match. Focus on the point you are playing. What are your goals in the now? How will you achieve them in the present? By breaking it down point by point, and being present in the current moment, the results of the match often take care of themselves.

The other side is to maintain focus when you take the lead. By always staying in the moment, and going point by point, it prevents you from getting ahead of yourself. For instance, if you celebrate mentally halfway through a game, you could easily lose your lead.

Developing Good Habits

By developing good practicing habits, you give yourself something to fall back on in a match. For example, discover a routine you like for your serve. If anxiety and frustration become problems, go back to what you always do. This routine can be calming, and it will anchor you.

Avoiding Negative Self-Talk

Be confident. You have laid a solid, fundamental base. Stay away from negative self-talk or criticism of your serve or how you return. One of the most effective tools is blocking your analytical side during a game. Develop a strategy based on the score and your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. But leave the self-critique for later.

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Don’t Panic

Stay centered. Once the match gets started, you may need to adjust to the other player’s style. Give yourself a minute. You need time to collect information. Don’t get too emotional or think about your feelings. Rely on your experience and trust yourself to make the right adjustments.

Maintain Intensity

Do not surrender to boredom. To excel at a sport like tennis, developing focus through intense practice is necessary. Commit yourself. Switch your mind off and get into the zone. If you always practice this way, it will come naturally during a match. Playing the game mentally will lead to much better results.

Take these mental tennis tips seriously and you will see improvement in your game. At Golden Ocala, tennis can be a great way to stay fit and develop relationships. Getting your mental game in tip-top shape will enhance your playing experience here.

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