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The 10 & Under Tennis Program

Written by Thiroshan Chetty, our Director of Tennis.

If you are looking for the best kids tennis program in North Central Florida, then look no further! The after school Fall Junior Tennis programs are at Golden Ocala and will run until December. The 10 & Under Tennis Program is a great tennis program for children, ranging from ages 6-10 years old, to have success at any skill level.


The 10 and Under Tennis program improves children of all skill levels.

The Program Details

The 10 & Under Tennis Program takes place on a smaller court with lower compression tennis balls and junior racquets. This gives the kids the ability to learn quicker and more efficiently and to also experience the game like the pros. Here at Golden Ocala our tennis experts have developed new, cutting edge curriculum’s to take your child’s tennis skills to the next level. Golden Ocala’s tennis programs provide the perfect mixture of drills and games to enhance and motivate any child to be their best. Whether your child wants to play recreational tennis or they have goals to play professionally, make Golden Ocala the one stop shop for all your tennis needs!


We have the program to bring out your child full potential.

For more information on the Fall Junior Tennis programs contact me at 352-402-4351 or visit our tennis blog.