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How to Deal With the Return of the Tennis Serve


Many people do not realize that the return of the tennis serve is completely out of their control. The serve is the only ball that can be 100 percent controlled by the player.

So as the returner you must understand that you are starting in a defensive position. I like to break the return into three parts. Split. Step. Hit. In doing this you can time the serve a little easier.

  • Split: The split is the most important of the three steps. This is the portion that will help you time the serve no matter the speed. The player must split as the opponent tosses the ball. The reason for this is to have your momentum forward but still center balanced.
  • Step: The step is strictly a reaction. The player coming off of the split will be stepping in the direction of the stroke the player is hitting.
  • Hit: Last is hitting. Many think that hitting is the hard part. It is not! If your balance and your momentum are forward, you could easily block the ball anywhere if you are jammed. Let’s pretend we have an opportunity to drive the ball though. The drive return is very delicate in the sense that you don’t take a full swing. Always think short backswing, big follow through.

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With practice you can learn to return like the pros or at least have the best return among your friends.

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