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Linda Doyle: From Jack of All Trades to Realtor®

Linda DoyleRoyal Shell at Golden Ocala is continuing to set new records and place a new mark on North Central Florida — this time by employing Linda Doyle, a 38-year resident of Marion County, turned Realtor®, preschool operator and certified fitness competitor. But just how did this jack of all trades become a multi-million-dollar real estate producer who can help you apply a healthy lifestyle to your desired property?

Starting with Linda’s consumer-focused instincts, she operated a Montessori preschool from its date of inception. For those unfamiliar with this method of education, it’s based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood, and has been practiced in many parts of the world for over 100 years. Linda’s passion for early learning methods was inspired by her four children and prepared her to serve target audiences as a leader in business.

With the thought that Marion County is an ideal place to raise a family, Linda decided to refocus her Montessori business skills to the women raising the children whose lives she has influenced. Since we often have the potential to become better people when we look and feel better, Linda made fitness her next point of interest.


Fitness Guru

Linda Doyle Fitness

Linda’s love for health and wellness was reflected in Femme Addiction Studios of Fitness, which she owned for seven years as a fitness and lifestyle coach with a plethora of qualifications — licensed personal trainer, TRX-certified, AFAA-certified and nationally qualified figure competitor. TRX stands for total resistance exercises and refers to a specialized form of suspension training, while AFAA stands for the Athletics and Fitness Association of America and refers to group fitness certification. With all of this in mind, Linda specialized in weight loss and body sculpting. She started by getting women active via free weights and body weight before they could become fit. From there, she developed a program to help individual clients reach their goals, followed up by sessions that contained motivation, cardio and strength training. All in-studio classes were boot camp-style and geared toward lean body and cardio pole fitness.

When her entrepreneurial journey concluded, Linda formed a relationship with nearby Golden Ocala, becoming an on-site women’s fitness expert and continuing to develop goal-oriented individualized fitness programs for female members.

It was during this time that Golden Ocala discovered Linda’s second venture — real estate, which she just so happened to practice during her fitness entrepreneur days.


Ocala Real Estate

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Adept Real Estate Professional  

Realtor® positions at both Foxfire Realty and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices led Linda to transfer her goals of a healthy lifestyle over to yet another highly important part of feeling good — homeownership. Just as she set individualized goals for her fitness clients, she listened to real estate consumers’ needs and desires to locate their version of a perfect home — whether that means a gourmet kitchen, simple starter, adult-only community, gated community, golf course or high-end luxury home, as examples.

Linda’s ability to be versatile is especially good for Royal Shell at Golden Ocala. Here, we have resale homes, farms and land — both inside and outside of the gates — as well as new homes, condos and villas, along with executive rentals and ground-up models. When Linda can demonstrate the fullest potential of the buyer and seller through the property she is showcasing, that is a winning situation for all parties. Have we mentioned that she is a multi-million-dollar real estate producer and can handle all types of properties at every price point?Royal Shell Real Estate at Golden Ocala

So, pick her brain about real estate — and just about everything else — when you call Royal Shell at (352) 369-6969. Remember, with new construction in place, rentals available through the end of 2018 and much more, there are countless reasons to contact someone as willing and ready as this Marion County-loving, fitness-training, preschool- developing, paradisiacal home-finding Linda Doyle.