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RX Body Sport Treatment

Athletes around the world use sport massage to recover from intense practices and weeks of competition. To accommodate those same athletes who are also members of Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, Director of Fitness Jeff Spaeth is now offering RX Body Sport Treatment (BST). It incorporates vibration technology and trigger and pressure point therapy, as well as stretching and traction techniques, to improve hip flexor, elbow and shoulder range of motion. BST should be applied one to two times per week — before participating in any taxing physical activity. But before you apply it, Jeff — who has developed individualized rehab and maintenance programs like this for 35 years — strongly advises you to learn more about all five BST disciplines and how they work together to keep muscles and joints limber, as well as potentially prevent injuries and increase stamina.


BST Disciplines

Vibration, trigger point therapy, pressure point therapy, stretching and traction are used during every BST session — unless an individual has a specific area of discipline that he or she wants to spend more time on:

  • Vibration increases bone density, blood circulation and flexibility (by loosening facial and muscle fibers), as well as helps heal tendons.
  • Trigger Point Therapy addresses lower back and joint pain, as well as helps relieve sciatica, pain caused by plantar heel and chronic muscle overload.
  • Pressure Point Therapy manipulates the flow of energy in the body, reduces pain and improves mobility.
  • Stretching increases range of motion, helping to prevent injury by keeping muscles and tendons supple; improves muscle tone; relaxes the nervous system and assists in the recuperation of muscles from workouts.
  • Traction increases blood flow and assists in muscle recuperation via the art of applied pulling and holding to stretch two or more muscles.


The Uniqueness of BST

90% of BST is physical therapy, with the remaining 10% being a massage. Unlike a traditional massage, such as Swedish, deep tissue or stone, it is applied over workout clothes and includes assisted stretching — a professional’s physical manipulation of an area in its regular range of motion to “free up” tight muscles.

Please note, BST should NOT be applied to newly injured muscles — or muscles that are still in the trauma stage. And when it is finally applied, it MUST be immediately followed by at least 16 ounces of water.


Jeff Spaeth is now accepting one-hour BST appointments. For availability and pricing, call the Golden Ocala Fitness Center at (352) 402-4350.