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Curb Appeal and Why It Matters When Selling a Home

Written by Kathleen Miller, Real Estate Agent.

Kathleen by a treeAre you looking to make a change and sell your home in 2014? If the answer is “yes”, the first thing you should do is take a good look at your home from the street. When selling a house, a home’s “curb appeal” is crucial because it can be the first thing buyers notice about your home.

To get top dollar for your home, make sure that your home’s exterior gives the impression of not only a well groomed property, but also a well maintained one. Remember, most potential home buyers decide whether or not to look at a home’s interior based on what it looks like from the outside. The goal is to make buyers want to go inside to see what else awaits them!

It’s Impossible to Overrate Landscaping

Landscaping is the icing on the cake. Even the most beautiful architectural detail requires a well-planned landscape design to complement the overall picture. The landscaping should be fresh looking with plenty of mulch and a burst of color from annuals. Walkways should be tidy and in good repair. The front door should be freshly painted or stained and the hardware should be up to date.

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Giving that “Welcome Home” Feeling

Buying a home is typically a very emotional experience. In fact, the decision to purchase a home is often guided by how a person feels about it. When the home feels welcoming, people feel more comfortable in it. A bit of porch furniture or a potted plant at the entrance of the home can go a long way when it comes to welcoming visitors and creating the desired mood.

Exterior projects have been rated one of the most valuable home improvement projects for 2014 by Realtors®, so make sure the front of your home is as inviting as possible to help your home make the right first impression! Good luck selling your home and stay tuned for more home buying and selling tips!