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Spring Cleaning Adds a Breath of Fresh Air

The flowers are blooming, grass is being cut on a regular basis again, and warmer temperatures prompt everyone to shed their sweaters for sandals and short sleeves. It’s the time of year when everyone looks forward to a fresh start and to enjoy the bright arrival of spring! And for many this means time for the annual spring cleaning at home.

A spring cleaning project list can include everything from airing out the house, tackling those overstuffed closets, making headway in the maze of a garage or the adventure of a child’s play room. Finish one of these projects or a list of others chores can be just the thing to welcome spring.

Open the windows for a breath of fresh air. Even in Florida, we tend to keep the windows closed during the winter months because of the sporadic drop in temperatures. Spring is a time to let the fresh air in! Opening windows, especially in small spaces can rid it of that stuffy feeling. This is also a busy season for professionals who handle the heavier chores like carpet cleaning or window washing.


Clear out cramped closets. All those sweaters, scarves, boots and other winter gear take up a lot of space in the closet. This is when you want to pack these items for storage elsewhere and have a fresh new closet. You may also find a few items you want to add to the donation box for a local charity. More room for a new spring wardrobe.

Give the garage a facelift. Often the garage may be the holding space for all miscellaneous things that are moved from inside the house. Consider a spring cleaning for the garage too. Pack up even more items to donate and organize the stuff you’ll keep. A few hours here will definitely add a burst of spring to your home.


Get a handle on all the cars, dolls and stuff. The kids are ready to enjoy the arrival of spring too since they’ve likely had to play a lot inside during cooler weather. Their playrooms undoubtedly have a few extra toys acquired over the past few months so it may be a good time to sort out the old ones. Yes, add the extra toys to the donation box to achieve more space in the room for a light and airy feel. The kids will be outside playing so they may not notice there’s less stuff anyway!

A variety of cleaning services are available to residents at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club. For more information about those services, contact housekeeping director Liliana Duque at 352-402-4377 and follow our living blog for tips.