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Progress Update on Eagles Landing – Week of 4/13/14

Ocala, Florida is more than just a quiet community with an affinity for horses. It’s a wonderful place to live. There are many, many reasons to buy or rent a home in North Central Florida, but here are our top five:

  1. It’s affordable. The cost of living in Central Florida is only half of what it is in cities like New York or San Francisco.
  2. The climate is unbeatable. With the average temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit in January, Ocala has a wonderful climate of mild winters and warm summers. You still get to experience all seasons, but in a comfortable way.
  3. It’s in close proximity to popular areas. Ocala is just an hour and a half drive from Disney, Universal Studios, and I-Drive in Orlando. Also, it’s a short drive to both Florida’s east coast beaches and the Gulf of Mexico. And, let’s not forget how close Ocala is to Gainesville, home of the University of Florida!
  4. It’s easy to obtain acreage. Land and real estate in North Central Florida is relatively easy to obtain compared to other areas of Florida.
  5. The area is not hugely affected by hurricanes. Despite Florida having a reputation for taking on dangerous tropical storms and hurricanes, North Central Florida is one of the least affected areas because of its inland location.

If you agree that North Central Florida is a fantastic place to live, we may have the real estate for you. We are currently in the progress of building our newest residential community, Eagles Landing, which offers both villas (single family homes) and townhomes starting in the $250Ks. Each home features beautiful views of the lake or well-manicured landscape and can be customized to match the taste of the buyer.

Here’s the latest scoop of what’s been going on this week at Eagles Landing…

Progress of the Villas


For the home on Lot 15, Boutwell Contracting & Development  has completed all roughs and exterior doors have been installed. Wire lath is also complete and ready for stucco. Boutwell plans to start hanging drywall at the end of the week.

For the home on Lot 14, all roughs are done, the drywall has been hung on the interior of the home, and the insulation is complete. In addition, the windows are in, the exterior doors have been installed, and they are now laying concrete tiles on the roof. Also this week, stucco is being applied to the home’s exterior.

For the home on Lot 13, the exterior doors have been installed and Boutwell is working on the installation of the insulation. This week, they are also finishing up the electrical rough for this villa.

Progress of the Townhomes

Building A

 This week, Tallen Builders finished all the truss engineering on the interior framing (including all the firewalls in the attic) and the exterior framing is set to be completed next week. Each townhome unit will have an AC room, a conditioned room in the attic where the air conditioner will sit. The framing for these rooms has been completed, as well as the framing for all the pocket doors.

The concrete stairs to unit A are complete. Unit A is a two-story unit with stair entrances from both the outside of the unit and the garage.

Building B

This week, Tallen Builders set the floor joists for Building B of the townhomes. The floor joists hold up the weight of the building and create structural support. Now, they are working on getting the interior bearing walls (the framing) built. Monday, Tallen will be laying plywood for the subfloor, which will take a week and a half. After that, they will begin the exterior walls.

Curbing and Underground Work

The majority of the curbing has been poured in the interior loop and the rest must be tied by hand. The exterior road is primed and ready for asphalt. The goal for the end of the week is to get all the curbing in with the inlets. Then, once that is completed, the team will come back in to grade and compact it. Next week, the team will finish the electrical underground and begin the underground fire lines for the townhomes, which service the sprinkler system.

Come check out our newest residential community in Ocala and reserve your home today! Check back soon for more Eagles Landing progress updates!