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Pet Safety-Keeping your Pets Healthy and Happy in Your Home

Written by Liliana Duque, Housekeeping Director.

The unconditional love and loyalty a pet has for their owner can be very rewarding. Your pet becomes a part of your family and your best friend. Though being a pet owner is fun, it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Pet owners need to make sure they take care of their pet’s well-being at all times. If you are a pet owner or are thinking of getting a pet, here are some pet safety tips to keep your pets healthy and happy in your home.


Keep your pets healthy and happy in your home.

Household Items to Pet Proof

  • Electrical Outlets– Cover electrical outlets and tape down loose cords so your pets don’t chew on them.
  • Toilets– To prevent drowning or poisoning from cleaners, ensure that all toilet seats are down.
  • Windows– Keep windows closed or ensure window screens are secured and sturdy so pets don’t fall out.
  • Trash– Secure trash cans with lids and take out regularly so pets don’t rummage through it.
  • Danger Zone– Check for spaces that pets can get trapped in and block them off.
  • Choking Hazards– Pick up loose items and anything smaller than your fist.
  • Identification– Give your pet a collar that has your address on in case they get lost so they can be returned safely.
  • Yard– Make sure your mulch, flowers and fertilizer are pet safe.

Toxic Items to Watch Out For

  • Medications- Make sure lids are firmly tightened on all medications. Keep all medicines out of reach. Store them up high and make sure all cabinets and drawers are closed. If your pet ever needs emergency care, University of Florida has an emergency vet clinic in Ocala, Fl. For more information visit their website at http://pets.vethospitals.ufl.edu/.
  • Household Cleaners & Chemicals- Hide cleaners and automotive chemicals. Immediately clean up and patch leaks from car-one lick of antifreeze is enough to kill a cat.
  • Plants- Put plants in hard to reach areas. Keep only non-toxic plants in your home that aren’t dangerous to your pet. Some toxic plants to stay away from are Amaryllis English Ivy Mistletoe and Azalea Lilies Oleander.
  • Food- Don’t feed human food to pets. Don’t feed pets from table, clean up crumbs and spills immediately. A few toxic foods to keep your pets away from are Avocado, Citrus fruits, nuts, chocolate, grapes and raisins.

No matter what kind of pet you own, following the tips above will help ensure your furry friends stay safe and sound. For more information about Golden Ocala living, visit our blog.