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Market Intelligence: Secrets Continued About Qualifying the Buyer

Sitting in a developer’s sales center, we play the role of the order taker. A buyer comes into the sales center, discussion ensues and our agents perform what in sales terminology is called “qualifying the buyer.”

We ask questions to determine if we can match up a home from home inventory within the community to the buyers in front of us. We ask questions relating to their budget, their timeline, their ability or need for financing and proof of funds as well as the size of a home and their desired amenities. We determine if all the decision makers are present and, if not, when they will be.

Once qualified, the buyers’ criteria is compared against all of the homes for sale in Golden Ocala and the best matches are presented to the buyers for them to decide which homes they wish to tour from among those that fit their matched criteria.

Not only are we generating 99 percent of all the buyers who walk through the doors through marketing of our own listings but also through the marketing efforts of the entire community, Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club.  For the record, not counting the last two years of LPGA participation, we normally have between 5,000-7,000 guests who come to the community annually.

They come for business meetings, events and weddings. They come to play and stay to try out the community and they come as guests of members. A percentage of these people become prospective buyers.

Golden Ocala Agents Focused Exclusively On Golden Ocala

You see the difference between us and outside agents is our loyalty is to sell homes inside the gates first to all qualified buyers. Our mission is to build this community.  Agents outside the gates of this community will take their buyers from community to community and there is nothing wrong with this, it is just a different mission to a different end. Our specialty is Golden Ocala; theirs is not.

Golden Ocala Clubhouse

The developer’s agents are intimately aware of the workings of the community, the developer’s vision and plans. Timelines and scheduled for construction completion are updated weekly so our agents are up to date and current with information.

Because of the first right of refusal, we know what pending homes contract prices are in advance of their closing. While we may not and do not divulge this information until it becomes public record at closing, it is certainly our advantage to know the numbers when we are discussing your listing price to position your home correctly in the market. This is called: market intelligence.

Your listing, when placed with Royal Shell Real Estate, will be marketed in publications and portals that specialize in the very small and elite luxury market. Ours is a global reach, because the typical Golden Ocala buyer comes from outside Marion County. Local advertising and limited resources of an individual agent or a hometown broker will not attract them to Ocala.

Our brokerage consists of more than 225 luxury specialty agents located in multiple states, who all work with luxury buyers from all over the world. These 225 secret weapons send their referrals to our office, exposing prospective buyers, perhaps for the first time, to Ocala and our exquisite community. At the end of the day, the best buyer prospect is a referral and at Royal Shell Real Estate we have a machine that generates these qualified opportunities to sell your home, unlike the local competition.

If you are considering listing your home, please give me a call at (352) 369-6969 or email me at Janet@RoyalShellRealEstate.com for an appointment to discuss our marketing programs that will best showcase your home in front of qualified buyers from around the world or for more information about the topic of qualifying the buyer.

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