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Enter at Your Own Risk: How To Organize A Kids Room

Written by Liliana Duque, Housekeeping Director

As children seem to grow overnight, storing clothing in their room can be a daunting task. Keeping everything in order becomes an even bigger challenge when you add in all the toys and trinkets they collect from grandparents and other relatives.



Develop A Plan of Action

A few tips I’ve followed might help when it comes to getting things organized in your child’s room.

To manage clothing, the obvious answer is to purchase a very large dresser. I opted for the Larkin Extra-Wide Dresser which matched the rest of my daughter’s bedroom set. It has EIGHT drawers which made for lots of wonderful space to store clothes. The first thing to do is to determine what items would go in each drawer.

In the drawer above “outfits for the week” use small square drawer organizers from The Container Store and add labels using simple scrapbook paper and a silver plate from Martha Stewart to mark the organizers for each day of school. I also added one extra square for “jammies”. Then each Sunday, sort out their laundry and put together an outfit for each day of the week in their drawer.

This system for organizing school outfits will work great! If a two-year old can follow the organization system, it’s a winner in my book!

Here are a few other images of what her drawers turned out like:


Organizing Tips to Try:

In summary, a few things to keep in mind when organizing a kid’s room:

  1. Make it simple. The less complex it is, the more likely your kiddos are to stick to it.
  2. Make it accessible. If they can’t reach it they won’t use it…or worse, they’ll climb to get to it.
  3. Label…label…label. This way you’re less likely to find socks in 12 different drawers.


So far, this system has worked well. I hope this gives you a few ideas when it comes to tackling a tough storage problem! Follow Golden Ocala’s living blog to discover more housekeeping tips to keep your home looking picture perfect.