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Airport Transportation Service at Golden Ocala

Hitch a Ride with Golden Ocala

Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club is certainly not suggesting that you add hitchhiking to your Horse Country summertime itinerary. But we do recommend that you consider us your official chauffeur or concierge, if you will, as you incorporate travel plans into a vacation schedule.

While North Central Florida taxi and cab services are incredibly sufficient, as a member of Golden Ocala, you are entitled to airport transportation from a multitude of choice destinations — including Gainesville, Orlando and Tampa. Whether your following the Florida Gators to the College World Series or longing to gaze your eyes upon the Sistine Chapel, let us help guide the way.



In case you missed mentions of this exclusive deal in our Weekly Gazette, our staff has included all offerings here for easy access and convenience. Meanwhile, Golden Ocala will continue to post information on this service:

Orlando Airport, Gainseville Airport, Tampa Airport

  • To or from Orlando International, Orlando Sanford, Tampa International and Peter O. Knight airports
  • To or from Gainesville Regional Airport
  • To or from Ocala International Airport
  • To any other destination

Golden Ocala charges an additional $25 per hour for flight delays. All fees are charged to member accounts.


Check List airport, luggage
So, in short, as you pack your suitcases and duffel bags, just remember to call Brooke 48 hours in advance of said flight for pricing and availability. That phone number is (352) 369-6969.

Golden Ocala looks forward to escorting you to the vacation of your dreams and helping the family get more out of their membership than they could have ever possibly imagined. Welcome to summer and all the joy and relaxation that comes with it!

Remember, this service is offered every day of the year for our most pleasant community. As always, it is a pleasure to assist our members in any way that we can.