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The Perfect Knee Flex

Written by Mike Cooney, Director of Golf.

I have noticed that the majority of golfers have too much flex in their knees. This limits the ability to turn your shoulders fully on the backswing and downswing. Too much flex in your knees will cause a “Squatty” appearance with your posture.

Are You Doing it Right?

Check out your knee flex in a full length mirror or have an experienced player look at the amount of flex in your knees. If your knees appear to be locked with too little flex, you will have to bend too much at your waist to compensate in order to rest the club on the ground. This will cause poor balance and your lower body will not be able to contribute to the swing. You will be forced to perform the entire motion with your upper body.

Having just enough flex in your knees will allow you to feel balanced and ready for action. You will have a sense of being light on your feet. Your weight should be distributed evenly from heel to toe. Now, your hips and shoulders are ready to rotate freely with full cooperation from your legs and feet.

Playing From the Ground Up

Good golf is played from the ground up, meaning that your feet, legs, and hips initiate the downswing. If your knees are flexed properly, you can activate the lower body well before your shoulders, arms, and hands get involved. The correct sequence of motion is critical.  Like a shortstop in baseball, you can move freely in any direction.

Remember, always make sure to have fun out there and keep checking back for more golf tips!