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On Par Detailing

Car & Golf Cart Detailing

With the exception of rainy season, most of you probably get your cars detailed quite often. But are you giving your golf cart the same amount of love? Regardless of your detailing routine, Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club is offering members an opportunity to get both vehicles cleaned … all while they tee it up. The brains behind this? Jeff Hill, owner/operator of On Par Detailing right here in Horse Country. He has been playing golf with us for nearly eight years and quickly noticed that the green is one of the few places where people will leave their vehicles unattended for at least four hours. So, he is capitalizing on that time via his detailing services. And avid golfers are in luck, because these four to six hours give On Par Detailing ample time to give your golf cart a good scrubbing, as well.


Car Detailing Packages

There are three car detailing packages for Golden Ocala members to choose from:

  • Par includes a wash, HydroSilex coating, bug and tar removal, hand dry, wheel wash and tire shine
  • Birdie includes all Par amenities plus vacuum, wipe down, cleaning and conditioning of interior panel, window cleaning, door jambs, and air freshener
  • Eagle includes all Birdie amenities plus shampoo carpeting and upholstery, leather conditioning, and headliner and floor mats.

If you need specific reasons to get your car detailed, just think about the amount of dirt, sand and leaves that floor mats collect and the likelihood of spilling food or a drink while entering your vehicle or driving down a bumpy road. And if that’s not convincing enough, remember how fragile paint can be. With HydroSilex coating, it’s protected from debris and much more.


Cart Detailing Package

Golf Cart

While golf cart detailing is not as complex as cleaning one’s car, it could mean the difference between a fresh look and displaying grime buildup as you navigate your way through the course. On Par Detailing conducts a full-service cleaning of the cart, including the wheels, compartments and cup holders, and places a protectant on the outside of the vehicle to repel water and anything else that makes your cart seem less than appealing.

Golden Ocala members are entitled to:


  • Wash
  • Clean curtain windows
  • Clean compartments
  • Conditioning of all plastic
  • Tire shine
  • Windshield clean
  • HydroSilex cleaning

In case you were wondering, HydroSilex is a ceramic-based coating that creates a very slick surface to protect against the environment and UV rays that cause fading. On Par Detailing also uses Chemical Guys products, which range from high quality car care chemicals to car wash accessories, as well as buffing pads and machines.

But how often should you have your cart detailed? Well, like your car, it all depends on how dirty it is and how clean you want it. If you’re a member who plays golf three times per week, On Par Detailing recommends having the cart detailed once per month.

And quite possibly the best part, you do not have to remove anything from the cart to have it detailed. Just leave the keys with the Golden Ocala Golf Shop, and On Par Detailing will take it from there!

As a bonus, you dictate the detailing schedule. Next time you’re ready to tee off, contact On Par Detailing for an appointment — (352) 895-3373 or onparocala@gmail.com. Staff is ready to work seven days per week, right from where you already are. Team members will also have a list of prices ready when you call.