19 December 13  |  Golf   |  

New Greens Mowers Enhance Golf Course Condition

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

This week, the team at golf course maintenance began using new greens mowers as part of the new equipment package.

Odavel Perez Mowing in the Practice Area

Improved Features & Better Control

The new mowers are easier to use for the operator with improved traction control, a better lighting package, and an improved handling and control layout. In addition, safety controls have been added to this generation of mower to make it safer for operation.

View from the Operator’s Perspective

The agronomical improvements on the mowers are also significant. Increased blade count on the reel allows for more and sharper cuts of grass on the green. Control of the “clip rate” (the speed of the reel while in use) allows for the superintendent team to enhance green speed under tournament-like settings.

Also new to this generation of greens mower is a belt-driven transmission that allows for less breakdowns over the lifetime of the machine.

Toro Greensmaster Flex 21

Top Notch Expectations

With these new machines, the team at golf course maintenance will be able to continue to enhance the greens and provide the elite conditions expected at Golden Ocala! If you haven’t heard already, our golf course was chosen as the “Best Place to Get Tee’d Off” in Ocala!