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Keeping a Sharp Edge on the Greens

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

Golf courses in the south use many different cultivars of Bermuda grass to achieve their desired golfing conditions.  At Golden Ocala, we have ‘Tif-eagle’ putting greens which provide an excellent putting surface.  If this type of surface is not properly maintained it can become contaminated by other cultivars.  To combat the contamination the maintenance crew at Golden Ocala edges the greens continuously throughout the spring, summer and fall months.


Chino Saldana edging the 11th green

We use a single wheeled edger with 2 handles to allow the operator to be very precise with the edge.  The depth varies based on time of year and other cultural practices being performed.  This process stops any other cultivar that may be attempting to grow into the green and keeps the Tif-eagle pure.


Two Handed Precision Edger

After the green is edged, the operator will detail blow material outward from the green to keep all other Bermuda grass cultivars from becoming embedded. Over the following days, the edge will be smoothed out by the mowers.


The green at Golden Ocala After Edging.

At Golden Ocala, keeping the greens in great shape is always a top priority to the Golf Course Maintenance team. For more information about Golden Ocala’s golf course, visit our blog.