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How a Beginner Can Learn To Golf?

It may seem difficult at first explaining how a beginner can learn to golf: Here’s a club. Hold the other end! Swing at the little white ball. On the ground! OK, try again!. No, no. Hit it in that direction! Good. Now let’s gently try to hit it further than two yards!

Golf is a strange sport, running counter to the basic tenets of most other recreational endeavors. It verges on being a blend of art and science, counterintuitive and cerebral in nature and definitely thrilling, in an esoteric way (to the initiated).

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club understand the lure of the game. We give players the opportunity to play on a brilliant and gorgeous 18-hole championship course designed by Ron Garl. The course features tribute holes from some of the best courses in the world, including Augusta, Royal Troon, Baltusrol, Muirfield and St. Andrews.

The Long and Winding Road to Golfing Greatness

Here are some steps from Golf City for getting acquainted with the game:

  • Home on the Range: No more excuses. Head to a driving range. You don’t need to buy a whole set of clubs. Just buy a few. We have to tell you: Your first time ain’t gonna be pretty. Get over it. Just try to hit the ball. You may want to read up or ask a friend about how you hold a club and how to swing. While you’re at the range, smile. Have fun.
  • Shifting Gears: Prepare to buy some golfing equipment, but only AFTER you’ve gone to the range four or five times. You have to decide whether this game is for you. Once you’re committed, think about getting the full set of equipment: golf shoes, golf balls, golf bag, golf apparel and accessories such as tees, markets, and a divot tool.
  • These Rules Weren’t Made for Breaking: Learn the rules. In golf, there are a lot of them. This is the cerebral aspect of the game. Don’t let the information intimidate you. It’s easier than you might think – initially.
  • Play Ball: This is the most exciting and nerve-wracking part, your first round. You might want to do your first game at a Par 3 course, which is also called an executive course. Consider carefully the time and day you want to play. Courses are usually the busiest on the weekends. For your first outing, avoiding Saturday and Sunday is wise.
  • Getting Good: Most golfers say their addiction began after their first round. In golf, love, at first sight, is easy. Getting better is another story. That’s where the imagery of angry golfers flinging clubs into lakes enters the picture. Improving your game is hard work. Improve your game by reading books and articles about golf. Go online and explore ways to improve your game. Hook up with a trainer or a professional.
  • Friends Forever: Golf is fun. And challenging. Make friends and get with golfing buddies. Golfing is a social occasion. Join a club or a league, talk about the game, get information from the pro shop about groups.
  • The Impossible Dream: Keep moving. Keep getting better. Your quest will never end. Perfection doesn’t exist in golf. You can score a perfect game in bowling. But not in golf. All you can achieve in golf is ongoing improvement. Forever and ever. Which is why golf is so much fun.

A woman practicing her putt.

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