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Getting Ready for the 2015 LPGA Coates Golf Championship


A major golf tour brings excitement and opportunity to get the golf course ready for the best players in the world along with a national TV audience.  Here are a few extra things we have been doing to get the course ready for the 2015 LPGA Coates Golf Championship.


New Walk Bridge at 10 tee

New Walk Bridge

The new walk bridge will shorten the walking distance during the tournament.


At the 10th tee we have added a walk bridge for the players. This is to help keep them from walking into a tight area on the cart path which could have made the logistics of getting around spectators more difficult.  The bridge will be a permanent addition to the Golden Ocala golf course. The bridge will allow for a quick and easy access to the fairway for  all players walking and moving forward on the course.

Fixing Cart Paths on Course

Fixing Cart Paths on Course

Leveling out the pavements for a smooth ride during the LPGA tournament.

Years of tree roots growing underneath have caused some areas of the brick paver cart paths on property to become uneven. This causes for a bumpy ride for any transportation vehicle.  We are fixing about 5,000 square feet of cart paths this week leading up to the LPGA event.


New Walk Path left of 12 Green

New Walk Path Left of 12 Green

A path to save the players time and energy on their way around the golf course.

As with any major tour event, the players are required to walk the totality of the course.  At the 12th hole, getting to 13 tee for walking used to mean walking behind the green and around the back of the landscape to then head toward the next tee.  In the past week we created a path directly through the landscape but discrete enough to not be noticeable from the fairway.  This will save the players time and energy on their way around the golf course.

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