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EZ Golf Cart Upgrades

Golden Ocala recently unveiled a lasting-impact golf course renovation that has made for the ultimate membership experience. But these changes wouldn’t be complete without upgrades that continue to take athletes by storm. That’s why we’re more than proud to bring you 65 performance- and efficiency-boosting golf carts — impressively known as E-Z-GO® ELITE™ Lithium Series vehicles. Tested during 15 million hours of drive time, they’re America’s #1 golf cart and our community’s very latest technology trend. They are compatible with your go-to digital components, fit for a day on the greens unlike any you’ve experienced before.

The Power of UpgradesGolf Cart

The E-Z-GO dons premium captain seats for comfort as well as two sand bottles for course care and a handy club cleaner. It even comes equipped with GPS, coolers, USB ports and Bluetooth plugins.

For further riding pleasure, the Golden Ocala golf crew threw in a geofencing option, not only protecting the turf around the greens, but better serving your most delicate shots. When members and their guests approach the green, a yellow dotted line will mark a nonentry point. If they cross this line, the cart will automatically lock, prompting drivers to reverse the cart. It’s as simple as that!

Optimum Performance Vehicles

The E-Z-GO is powered by Samsung SDI lithium batteries and an advanced Battery Management System, making for a lighter, low-maintenance golf cart. That particular battery is packed with an eight-year warranty and above-average amp hours.

This translates to 59% more efficiency, especially when it comes to charging, including no additional maintenance like watering and terminal post cleaning during the winter months. The E-Z-GO charges two times faster than a traditional lead-acid battery, leaving you plenty more time to perfect your golf swing. What’s better, you can charge this vehicle anywhere, anytime, without having to worry about the health of the battery.

At the end of the day, this cart is a golfer’s dream and all yours — all because you chose Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club!

For more information and to take this sharp-looking, smooth-driving vehicle for a spin, call the golf pro shop — (352) 671-3933.