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Answers To Tricky Golf Rules and Violations

Golf is a popular pastime that can be played year-round in the Sunshine State. However, like all games, it does have its rules. These rules are a standard set of regulations written and updated in partnership between the Royal And Ancient Golf Club of Britain and the United States Golf Association of America. While golf is a fairly simple game, there are some tricky golf rules that need clarifying.

Should You Be Penalized For Using A Different Ball On The Same Hole?

Rule 15-2 says you can only switch balls in the same round if the original has been too damaged to play, or if the ball is lost, out of bounds, or unrecoverable in a water hazard. The penalty for changing your ball under any other circumstances is two strokes or loss of the hole.

Suppose You Vent Your Frustration By Driving A Spare Ball Into The Woods?

Again, it’s loss of the hole or a two-stroke penalty. If you’re between holes, you may take practice shots (depending on course or tournament rules), but never while playing a round. It’s considered a practice swing, and it’s not allowed during play.

Golf ball stuck in tree. What to do?

What If The Head Falls Off The Driver During A Swing?

It depends. If the head falls off of your cheap or damaged club during the backswing, it’s not considered a stroke and you can try again with a different club. However, if it happens on the downswing, it’s considered a stroke whether or not there’s contact with the ball.

Is There A Penalty For Using Someone Else’s Tee?

No! You can’t legally use another player’s clubs. Anything else – tees, balls, towels, sunglasses – is fine. You can borrow whatever you need, including a tee that was left behind.

Is There A Penalty For Double-Tapping The Ball?

Another of the tricky golf rules is actually very clear. There is a one-stroke penalty. Each tap is not a penalty, even if you make contact a dozen times before actually hitting the ball. A double-tap stroke always counts as one stroke with a one-stroke penalty. A related rule applies even if you miss, provided the ball moves. If you strike the ground hard enough to move the ball without actually touching it, a penalty stroke still applies since a stroke was the direct cause of the movement.

What If The Ball Bounces Off Something After The Stroke And Hits Your Club?

Whether the ball bounces off your caddy or a tree, if it hits the club it counts as a double hit with a one-stroke penalty.

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